What is depression?

Depression is a universal ailment; there are many people who are suffering from it but never realize it until it hits them very hard. Thankfully depression is treatable through some medications and therapies and can be brought under control or completely eradicated. There are many people who associate “empty feeling”, “feeling blue” with depression but depression is much more than that, it can get as serious as the person looking to commit suicide.

Pregnancy and depression

Depression after pregnancy, what causes it and how can it be treated is a huge question. Many women do not realize that they are under depression and continue naming it as body blues. Depression during pregnancy is a very common symptom, the to be mothers do not realize that they are facing depression until it gets very serious.



Many feelings that women face after delivery and during pregnancy is similar to depression, but it is highly advisable that if the symptoms similar to depression persists, then the doctor should be contacted. Some of the symptoms are:

  • constantly feeling moody
  • a lot of crying, without any particular reason
  • having trouble sleeping or sleeping a lot
  • having issues in recalling and remembering
  • a constant feeling of guilt and worthlessness
  • social withdrawal
  • upset stomach and constant headaches


There are no single causes of depression. It is usually a combination of different feelings. When a woman is pregnant, she has high levels of estrogen and progesterone, this usually makes a woman very sensitive and thus the kicking in of depression. A woman might feel disturbed and have a hollow feeling, and this might be the start of the depression. During pregnancy, the hormones are running so high that a small event might trigger moodiness and thus allow depression to set in. In many cases, depression runs in families, and this becomes the major cause of depression occurrence.

How can it be treated?

Depression can be treated with therapy in most cases. In some severe cases, depression needs to be treated with anti-depressants. These anti-depressants calm the person and help in clearing up the head and lets the patient think straight. Also, in many cases when the person comes to terms with her medical status, that is pregnancy, or after giving birth to a baby, she starts conforming to her routine and the depression goes away. But if any of the depression related symptom persists it is advisable that the patient visits a doctor.


The hormones once settled bring back normalcy to life and thus help the patient cope with changes. Therapy and a helping hand from family members can help the woman get rid of depression quickly. In some cases when the woman starts feeling that she is sick or there is something wrong with her brain and no support from family, she starts falling much deeper into depression. In such cases, depression from a mere treatable disease turns into a demonic monster that slowly eats away life from the patient and brings her spiraling down into depths of despair. Having a positive outlook with patient’s perspective and a calm atmosphere at home can help the patient heal much faster.