Router table – Find out how it can help you with your business


If you are one of the many people who is into woodworking, for sure, you are wondering how you can impress other people who can see your work. It would be nice to hear some compliments from them. Or better yet, if you have a woodwork shop, you would want to gain more business. With the proper skills and tools, there is no doubt that you will be successful in this particular craft as well as in the furniture industry.

Router table

When you are trying to make furniture or any object that is made up of wood, it would almost be impossible to accomplish the project if you don’t have the right tools. One of the most important items that you need is a router, which is a stationary machine. With this, you also need a table for it. This will make a new dimension to your business, and you will surely benefit a lot from it because of its versatility. You will be able to work or use the spinning blades in so many ways without any hassle.


Why do you need a router table in a shop?

A router table is something that you shouldn’t miss purchasing or building yourself if you have a woodworking business. It is important then that you know how to build a router table the right way. It is also essential that you know the parts such as the different types of router bits.

Aside from its amazing versatility that was mentioned earlier, you will also get to utilize its versatile edge profiles. It will be much easier for your tool to follow the templates, cut the grooves, and many more. Indeed, it serves like a magic wand that can help you transform a piece of wood into something spectacular. And again, if you have this, it will be within your reach to do just about anything as it enhances how your tools function.

Here are some of the tasks that you can do using a router table

  • Trace templates
  • Groove cutting
  • Wood rounding
  • Door making

How to boost your woodworking revenue

gdhgd74Furniture is among the biggest assets of a woodshop. You can also work on cabinets, doors, closets, and many more. All of these are high in demand nowadays, especially on the house renovation market. So, what is the impact of this on your business? Since a router table makes your task easier, it will be faster for you to come up with more products, which means that you will be able to earn more money. The best way for you to boost your revenue is to maintain your tools while you continue to produce amazing wood products that customers would love to pay for.

Importance of Customer Service


Most businesses fail to realize how important the customer is for the overall health of a business. No matter how good your product or service, the customer experience can break or make your company. Here are reasons why customer service is important for a business.

Builds brand awarenessg2wtedrwed52te62y7u282

Word of mouth is the most powerful when it comes to building brand awareness. What your customers say to others could make or break your business. When customers are provided with the best service, they will talk about you and remember your brand. If they hear someone else saying that they need a specific kind of company, they are likely to recommend them to your company.

Trust building

People only stay loyal to a company if they have reason to. Otherwise, they could choose to move to the competition. As a result, you have to work harder to build customer’s trust in your brand. By providing the best customer service, trust increases, and that means the difference between customer loyalty and customers who go the competition.

It is more than price

Studies and surveys that have been completed, find that a large group of consumers say that customer service is much more important than price. They are willing to pay more to get the right experience.

New customer appeal

Better customer service ensures that the new customer’s needs and wants are well catered for. Since this is the exact experience they are looking for.

Problem reduction

Problems will always arise in any business no matter how hard you try to avoid them. While it is impossible to run a perfect business with perfect customers, you can ensure friction does not become a problem. If customers know that their issues can be taken care of properly, they will feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Consumer satisfaction

When customers are happy, investors are happy too, which in turn leads to higher profits. Trust of investors is won with a good client base.

Reduces employee turnover

With higher profits and sales increase, employees can be paid good salaries, which motivates them to keep working for the company, thus reducing employee turnover.

Business failure reduced

When you understand the mindset and expectations of your customers, it reduces the risk of business failure.

Business growth

This can be achieved through quality service. Quality service to clients can be the key to retaining your customers and standing out of the competition.

To enjoy positive results, always make sure to provide the best customer service.

Small Business Accounting Tips


Accounting is an important part of operating a business. It is easy to get lost in the thought choosing a business name and designing a card, but you will not survive without the knowledge of numbers. Therefore, you need to grasp your margins and cash flow in order to stay in business. Below are accounting tips for your business


It is important to do your research whether you are starting a business or running an existing one. Understanding laws and licensing requirements, different tax forms, and write-offs that apply to your business is very important. Being aware of these policies can stabilize your business in the long term.

Create an account

Tracking your business’s income will be easier by opening an account for your business. A checking account can be a start followed by a savings account. This can help you start developing credit for your business.

Track expenses

It is for the success of your business to collect and track expenses. Gathering receipts and recording payments can help accomplish this. Document all expenses including travelling costs and meal expenses. It becomes hard to monitor your business growth and expenses when these accounts are not handled appropriately. Also, failure to maintain these accounts can hinder you from preparing trustworthy reports on your tax returns.

Keeping books

To determine how your business is running, as well as compile accurate reports, precise bookkeeping is necessary. A DIY method can be used to track all your expenses and putting them in a spreadsheet. Then, it must be interpreted to produce exact reports and clear data. Many business owners find this too demanding of them, as they should spend time on improving their business, rather than on accounting work that is very tedious.

Tax payment

Understanding the payment plans, deductions, and tax expenses is very important when organizing the finances of your business. The kind of business you run will determine the tax expenses to anticipate.

Payroll establishment

All employees and contractors need to be paid for their services. Withholding appropriate taxes and standing by a payroll schedule can make this process difficult.

Gross margin

This is thtg2wrf25et62eu82i92e difference between the costs of the goods sold less the revenue generated from the sale of those goods. Gross margin is helpful in monitoring your business growth. However, for you to accomplish that, organized and consistent accounting practices are needed.

Accounting records can be analyzed to provide management with financial information that can be used to run a business, plan and make changes if business is not going as expected. Use the above tips and see your small business grow.